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Pastured Soy-Free Chicken Eggs, 2 dozen

Pastured Soy-Free Chicken Eggs, 2 dozen

limit is 4 dozen per order
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At Beiler Family Farm our laying hens are free to roam on hundreds of acres of pasture that they share with the sheep. Our free-range hens get to forage all day long on nutritious pastures and in rich soils. Those nutrients are then passed along to you in the form of “Truly Pastured Eggs.”

Eggs from pastured hens are more nutritious than the conventional eggs you might find at the supermarket. They are higher in vitamin A, E, and omega-3s, as well as lower in cholesterol and saturated fat. 

Not to mention they have beautiful orange yolks and are delicious as well! While the chickens spend most of their time on pasture foraging, they also receive a blend of organic corn, camelina meal, fish meal, wheat, peas, minerals, and oyster shells. 

*Our eggs are 100% soy-free.

All this makes for the highest quality farm fresh eggs you can get your hands on! 

Fun Fact:
 Did you know? All of our truly pastured eggs are packed in recycled egg cartons! Reusing egg cartons keeps them out of landfills, reduces the need to produce more single-use packaging, and saves the farm the cost of continually buying new egg cartons. Its a win, win, win!


Customer Review D. Nation - (5-star rating)

"Beiler Family Farm foodstuffs are unquestionably the finest quality raw milk and pastured meat products we have ever experienced in the USA. The eggs are beyond compare, the yolks golden, and the taste earthen deep. The shells are the strongest anywhere (occasionally tested by mistakingly dropping a dozen, with no breakage!). Yet don’t take my word for it, try them yourself."