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Our food is organic and produced with the utmost care. It's packed with nutrients and void of anything synthetic. 

Want to heal our planet through sustainable food choices?

Our natural farming practices improve the soil and promotes biodiversity. A wide variety of native plants, insects, and animals call our pastures home.

Care about animal welfare?

Our animals are part of the family. They are treated with respect and are given an active, healthy lifestyle and diet.

Want to know everything about the food you eat?

Our farm is dedicated to transparency. If you have a question, please contact us!

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(40+) Five Star Reviews

Among the best of traditional organic Amish dairy farms and very reasonably priced! Excellent customer service, too.
Norman Ellis Norman Ellis
We've been shopping from Beiler Family Farm for many years and have always enjoyed the highest quality dairy, eggs and meat from them. We're so thankful to have such healthy and delicious options available to us, even from the city. They are also very responsive and easy to communicate with. Can't recommend highly enough!
Linnea Kickasola Linnea Kickasola
I have been purchasing food from Beiler Family Farm for ten years. I am totally spoiled !! I buy all of my meat, eggs (amazing), maple syrup, etc. from the farm and am unable to make food purchases from local markets in NYC-- the quality and price are un-matchable. I never miss one of their twice a month deliveries ! The other benefit is that, by supporting a small farm, you help our environment (:
Resa Tylim Resa Tylim
I am really lucky to have such easy access to this high quality organic products for many years, be it dairy or meat! Prices are reasonable, the service is exceptionally reliable, convenient and friendly. I trust this farm 100%.
Irina Rozentsveyg Irina Rozentsveyg
I am so grateful to have found Beiler Family Farm! Their dairy products are the best I've ever had, and everything else I've tried has been top notch as well! They have a local drop off where I can pick up my orders which makes it super convenient, and economical. Thank you 🙏
Chris Allen Chris Allen
I am so grateful to have access to the best quality meat (all pastured/grass-fed) and raw organic milk products. Their traditionally-fermented vegetables are also a staple in our home, which help keep our immune systems strong, especially in the winter. It also makes me feel good that we are supporting our local economy with our dollars. I would recommend this farm to everyone, and when given the opportunity, I do!
Emily Brown Emily Brown
I've been buying their products for many years now. The quality is top notch and the prices are low. My husband and I are foodies and into a very natural (no chemicals! no processing!) diet. Family farm-produced foods are the best. The Beiler Family Farm is great! I recommend them highly!
Karen B Karen B
The Belier Family are amazing. I get door-to-door delivery. They are prompt and professional. When I receive your package, the products are wrapped with care, each item insulated just right. And not to mention, the milk, eggs, cheese, cream, grass-fed pork, beef, chicken livers takes eating to a whole new level. Since ordering from the Beiler's my health and state of mind have been great. A friend shared the Belier Family with me, so now I share them with you!
Vivian Campbell Vivian Campbell
Beiler Family Farm foodstuffs are unquestionably the finest quality raw milk and pastured meat products we have ever experienced in the USA.
d nation d nation
Best dairy and eggs I've ever had!
Michelle Michelle

Farming and Living with Nature

Jonas Beiler, his wife Lydia, and their 8 children own and operate Beiler Family Farm, located in the picturesque Penns Valley of Pennsylvania.

It's not only a farm, but a homestead. It take creativity and hard work. The Beiler family produces as much as they can and share our bounty with you.