Our Farming Practices

The Tiny Details Count

We work with nature, not against it.

We don't follow a calendar but the cues from nature. We know when tasks need to get done by the weather, the color of the leaves, and what bugs are around.

And, of course, you deserve to know everything about how your food is produced. Transparency is paramount.

Yes, we are certified organic and certified 100% grass fed, but we go way beyond the certifications...

Yes, we're certified organic! But... we go way beyond that.

Beiler Family Farm is just naturally "organic", because that's the way we farm. But, we get the certification so our customers can easily know if our base values align with theirs.

We hold the PCO Certified USDA Organic Certification for hay, pasture, beef, slaughter, and lamb.

If everything is healthy, spraying is not needed.

That's right. We do not spray our fields or include artificial chemicals in any of our farming practices. The same (or better) result can be achieved naturally.

Beiler Family Farm uses natural farming methods to naturally improve the soil and land year after year.

This includes rotational grazing, fertilizing with manure, planting cover crops, companion growing, and much more!

Our cows, sheep, goats, and chickens live on pasture year round, as much as the weather allows.

The animals forage for foods they love to eat, whether grasses, seeds, or bugs. They also get plenty of exercise.

All animals should be treated with respect.

No confinement, no cattle prods, no branding, no routine antibiotics or hormones. Just lots of love.

Our cows and sheep are 100% grass fed, because that's what their bodies are designed for.

They eat fresh pasture when the weather is warmer and dry pasture when the weather is colder. They aren't fed grain - ever.

We hold the PCO 100% Grass-fed Certification for beef, and sheep.

Beiler Family Farm produces food that's packed with nutrients, and it all starts with the soil

If the soil isn't healthy, then neither are the plants. If the plants don't have optimal nutrition, then neither do the animals.

We take a lot of care to produce nutrient dense foods that are satisfying to eat and can give your body what it needs to thrive.

From the animal feed to the products we make and sell, we make sure you can understand the ingredients.

To us, natural ingredients are simple. They are something that you can grow and make in your home kitchen. It's all GMO free and soy free.

How Our Animals Live

A natural lifestyle and feed result in naturally healthy and happy animals.
In turn, they produce the most healthful foods.

Beef Cows

Our cows are a Jersey-Devon cross breed. These cows are multi-purpose and adapted to a high forage diet and a variety of climatic conditions. They are healthy, long lived, and thrive on good care and management. 

Our cows are 100% grass fed and they are free to graze on hundreds of acres of beautiful pasture. When the weather is inclement, cold and wet they have access to a large barn with straw-bed pack that they can choose to use as needed. 

Our cows produce wonderful beef!

Pastured 100% Grass Fed Sheep

The lamb share their pasture with chickens. The sheep have their own barn.

The lamb is 100% grass fed and received our farm grown hay in the winter when needed.

Our pastured lamb is masterfully butchered.

Pastured Soy-Free Chickens

The broiler and layer chickens live alongside the sheep. They have portable huts for shelter and laying.

The chickens forage for bugs and seeds and also receive a feed made of organic corn, camelina meal, fish meal, wheat, peas, minerals, and oyster shells.

They produce flavorful eggs with deep orange yolks and delicious chicken.


Our pigs are born and raised here on the farm. 

They are fed a non-GMO grain that is sourced from local farmers as well as our own farm grown hay. 

The quality of our pork reflects the quality of our pigs' lives.

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