New home delivery terms. FREE shipping on orders over $150.

Home Delivery

NYC Door Delivery

to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens (west of 678)

Bi-weekly schedule

Delivery fee $15

$50 order minimum

FREE delivery on orders over $150

FedEx Home Delivery

to all of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut 

Bi-weekly schedule

Delivery fee $10 + 0.99/lb

$50 order minimum

FREE delivery on orders over $150

Orders are due before Tuesday at midnight for delivery the following Thursday (or Friday if there's a delay). 

When shopping and placing your order, you will see the next order deadline and delivery date.

Delivery Zone Map

Commonly Asked Questions

When will my card be charged?

Cards are charged after your order is packed. This typically happens on the Wedneday or Thursday following the order deadline.

What time will my order be delivered?

It's impossible to predict. Fedex deliveries happen throughout the day.

Do I need to be home or awake for delivery?

Nope. If you won't be available to receive your order, the driver will leave your package. We do ask that you unpack your order the day it's received.

Will you give me a heads up before my order arrives? 

Yes, absolutely. You will receive a tracking number via email.

How should I expect my order to arrive?

All items are carefully packaged in an insulated styrofoam box with ice packs to ensure that the food will stay fresh in transit. Any freshly thawed items still cold to the touch can either be refrigerated or refrozen for later use.

Can I return the styrofoam box?

If you get your package via FedEx, you cannot return your packaging.

If you receive NYC Door Delivery, you cannot return packaging at this time. After the current crisis subsides and we return to regular door delivery with a private driver, we hope to accept packaging returns again.

Interested in picking up your order?

The farmer has pickup locations in NYC.