In a world of foods designed to hack our brains, where can we find true pleasure?

Why do we like food? Put simply, we like food because it tastes good. When we think about tasty food we tend to think about pleasure, and pleasure is good right? Yes, it is. But, pleasure is actually an element of survival and that is why we seek it out. That is also why big food companies spend big money creating foods that light up the pleasure centers of our brains. These days many of us don’t think about the survival aspect of food. More often it is about convenience and taste.

Foraging on the farm!

As you know, Beiler Family Farm produces a lot of amazing farm fresh products! Nutritious foods like grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and yummy garden grown fruits and veggies are the farm bread and butter. But did you know? The Beiler's also forage for wild edibles that naturally grow on their homestead!

Why doesn’t the farm have lamb for Easter?

Easter Sunday is here and that means lamb is in season and ready for our traditional Easter dinner….or does it? You might think that eating lamb at Easter would have to do with the seasonality of lambs being born in spring, but not so fast, let's find out more!

<3 A Wedding On The Farm <3

What is your dream wedding? Just you and your loved one on the beach at sunset? Married under the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Perhaps a simple ceremony at your church or at your family home? Personally, I don’t know if I can think of a more idyllic location for a wedding than on a small farm, surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape, animals, friends, and family that I love. It may sound like a dream to us city folk, but for the Beiler Family this is how they celebrate weddings.

The many uses of maple syrup!

Maple syrup has so many uses and health benefits, and I just love it! But, not just any maple syrup will do. Once you go Beiler maple syrup, you can’t go back. That is because maple syrup from Beiler Family Farm is hand crafted, and cooked over a carefully managed wood fire. The fire is the special ingredient! The smoke imparts a unique flavor into the syrup giving it a beautiful deep robust taste and rich color. Let me just go ahead and list all the ways I love maple syrup....

5 quotes to boost your inner environmentalist!

Chronic illness is not our natural state, but has become normalized, and even expected in our society. And pollution, depletion of soil and resources, chemicals, and so on are not the natural state of the earth either, but these are things we have come to see and accept in exchange for our modern conveniences. But at what cost? Why isn’t everyone making the health of our one and only earth and the health of our one and only bodies the TOP priority?

Healing myself heals the planet, and healing the planet heals myself.

Having the courage to step out of the mainstream and into purchasing directly from a small farm might make you feel different than most people. It might feel like a big step, or a big investment as the cost of real food is different from what you find in stores. But it is by no means a small action. The choice you are making to leave behind the big shops and stop supporting big agriculture, is a huge step in the right direction towards your own healing and healing of our earth.

A dream fulfilled on the farm.

Do you ever dream of retreating to a little cabin in the woods? Do you long to be surrounded only by the sounds of the wilderness, and the warm crackling of a wood burning stove? Do you fantasize about smashing your phone and unplugging from all of our “electric necessities” and plugging into the healing peacefulness of nature? I know I do, and I know many others share this same calling. A calling to live more connected to the earth.

Why I am thankful I have a cold!

Colds are natural, and even essential to our survival. Our immune systems need to be exposed to these mild illnesses to learn and to help keep us well and alive. Here are 5 reasons I am thankful for my stuffy nose cold: