Beiler Family Farm is my “BFF,” Best Farm Forever!

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May 3, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Beiler Family Farm once again : )

It had been a while since I made my way out there and I was really missing it. Plus there is currently a litter of puppies and that's usually my cue that it’s time to visit the farm!

The weather deceived me that day. I thought it was going to be a sunny spring day but, as spring will do, it turned into a rainy one instead. But I am a believer in, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.” 

So I threw on my boots and raincoat and I am so glad I did. The farm was as beautiful as ever, even on a gray rainy day.

The Beiler Family is so welcoming and even took the time to make me a fire in the cabin they built so I could work in there for the day. 

I definitely had one of the best work spots that day, and in that moment I was reminded how lucky I am to have the job I have.

The farm really can’t get more idyllic. 

Rolling green hills of biodiverse pasture, dotted with animals freely grazing is what I imagine the perfect farm to be, and that is exactly what it is.

Even the stream running through the property is ideal. It is fed by clean waters from a nearby cave and is the most beautiful turquoise blue from the mineral content. And, it is full of large trout that the family can fish. 

It is a rare view of nature's abundance that sadly has disappeared from many places on our planet.

But, more than that there is a peace at the farm, a calm, that is incredibly grounding and good for the soul. And I always leave wondering what it would be like to live in that vibe every day.

Everything that comes from the farm is made by the farm.

I cannot stress enough how incredible and special this is. In our modern world, most people go to the store and buy their food and have no idea where it comes from. 

It is truly a gift to know that when we buy something from Beiler Family Farm, that it was made there.

Food for thought: When I am eating food from the farm I often find myself thinking about exactly where that food came from and the life that animal lived. I have walked that land and walked with those animals. It feels very “full circle” and I imagine this is what we are supposed to think about when we eat. It is fulfilling for both my physical body and my soul….soul food.

The Beiler's hands touch everything they make. Their products are truly handcrafted, and beyond that even hand raised.

There is no automation happening here. It is just so beautifully simple. Everything is made by human hands, touched by human hands, delivered by human hands, and received by human hands. 

It just feels right, and is connective in the way it is so meant to be.

Beiler Family Farm is an actual family farm.

It is not just a clever name, no one else works there except for their family. The farm is really more like a homestead than a farming business. 

It is a mother, a father, and their children (most grown now) out there every day side by side caring for the animals and the land that they call their home. 

And we are so incredibly blessed that they share some of it with us too.

Beiler Family Farm means so much to me. 

The farm provides security for my family and I not only because it is my job, but because I know I have access to the best possible food source. Working for the farm literally allows me to “bring home the bacon” and “put dinner on my table.”

But even more than that, I have learned more than I can say working for the farm. 

The Beiler’s are so extremely knowledgeable. It is a knowing that is in their blood, a second nature, an ingrained kind of knowledge. They have an intimate and deep understanding of the land and animals.

Everytime I talk to farmer Jonas I learn something new, and I have grown as a person with the knowledge I have gained. 

Although I may not be out there in the fields or tending to the animals, working for a farm has given me a greater purpose in life, and for that I am so grateful.

Beiler Family Farm is my BFF, “Best Farm Forever!”

And I hope it is your BFF too : )

Enjoy the food,


And The Beiler Farm Team

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