A dream fulfilled on the farm.

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January 11, 2022

Do you ever dream of retreating to a little cabin in the woods? 

Do you long to be surrounded only by the sounds of the wilderness, and the warm crackling of a wood burning stove?

Do you fantasize about smashing your phone and unplugging from all of our “electric necessities” and plugging into the healing peacefulness of nature?

I know I do, and I know many others share this same calling. A calling to live more connected to the earth.

I think this calling makes perfect sense. It is our instinctive urge to connect to nature because after all, we are part of nature…and that is a fact us humans tend to forget. 

When we feel this need to go into the wilderness, it is our desire to connect with ourselves, with our true nature. 

Many of us dream this dream, but few ever act or get to see that dream realized.

But the Beiler boys were not about to let their cabin dreams slip through their fingers.

The last few months on the farm the boys have been building a cabin with their own hands, with only materials they found on the farm, and the only thing they bought for the build were the screws!

The cabin turned out absolutely beautiful but I think even more beautiful was the experience and memories made while building a cabin as a family. 

Farmer Jonas is so proud of his boys and he said the biggest lesson his sons learned is that “you can make due with what you have.”

They celebrated the completion of their cabin build by having a “cabin warming party” with their friends and family.

The boys currently have the cabin in the pasture, but they plan to move it to the woods at the back of the farm.

Farmer Jonas and his wife Lydia are dreaming of moving into the cabin when they are older and living free from bills and yard work!

The cabin has a quality to it that words cannot describe. This is because it was built from a dream that became reality, built with the hands of brothers and their father, and it was built with only needed things and nothing extra.

Just looking at the pictures puts a smile on my face every time : )

The cabin is so special, and I hope the Beiler family gets to enjoy it for many years to come. What a beautiful and special memory they have made together.

Life hasn’t lined up right for me to have my cabin in the woods just yet. But one day I will have my cabin, with no yard to mow, no bushes to trim, no weeds to pull. 

I will let nature thrive around me, and be beautiful and complete just as she is. I will walk on the earth, sink my hands in the soil, be all in it, and part of the land I call my home. 

I will never take more than I need and I will give back to the land all that I can, and we will sustain each other. 

That is what regenerative agriculture is all about, and I hope more and more of us can adopt a regenerative lifestyle, and work together to heal our soils, forests, waterways and more!

I want to know about your dreams? Do you have plans to make them a reality? Or have you accomplished your dream? And if you haven't, what is holding you back?

Enjoy the food,


And the Beiler Farm Team

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