Why I am thankful I have a cold!

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December 14, 2021

I have a cold. Yup, in the age of all things sterile and sanitized I am coming out and saying it, I Sara, have a cold and I am not ashamed.

Colds are natural, and even essential to our survival. Our immune systems need to be exposed to these mild illnesses to learn and to help keep us well and alive.

I have a cold, and I am thankful I do. I haven’t had one in 2 years! I don’t get sick often, but I do feel like 2 years is a long time to go without any little sniffles at all.

And I blame the pandemic as a possible reason I HAVEN’T been sick. 

All the “social bubbles” and sanitization has kept my immune system from getting the workout it needed for two years.

Sure, I know I am exposed to all sorts of things daily anyway, but this cold in particular was a long time coming and I am glad it's finally here.

Here are 5 reasons I am thankful for my stuffy nose cold:

  1. It gives my immune system a flex.
  2. Every time I get sick my immune system gets a workout, my body learns a little bit more, and gets a little bit stronger.
  3. Allows me to slloowww down.
  4. Life can be so busy that sometimes we forget to slow down. Getting a cold forces us to slow down. It’s one of life's natural little reminders to take it easy.
  5. Allows time for self care
  6. When I get a cold I always make time to give myself a little extra self care. Taking a salt bath, drinking my favorite Beiler herbal teas, rubbing on some soothing salvesto ease sore muscles, and making a big pot of nourishing soup are my go to’s for self care during a cold.
  7. Getting in some extra sleep, snuggles, and rest.
  8. Getting a good night's sleep is so important for good health, and even more so when you feel under the weather. Lots of healing happens when we are sleeping, and so I always make sure to get extra sleep, snuggles, and extra rest when I have a cold.
  9. I come out feeling stronger!
  10. Then after all the extra rest, self care, slow paced living, and nourishing foods I always come out on the other side feeling better and stronger than before.

Sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down and take care of ourselves. Having a cold certainly serves as a reminder to do just that!

And so for that reason I am thankful for my cold this week….but I do still hope it doesn't continue into next week because while I am thankful it certainly is not fun!

Be sure to stock up on Beiler teasherbal slaves, and all the ingredients you need to make deliciously nourishing soup this cold and flu season : )

Enjoy the food,


And the Beiler Farm Team

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