Healing myself heals the planet, and healing the planet heals myself.

January 25, 2022

Let’s take a moment to think back into your childhood, back to the meals your parents put on the table, and back even further to the origins of those meals.

Did your mom cook out of her favorite trusty cookbook, or were the recipes all in her head passed down from your grandmother, and her mother before that? 

Did you often eat out, or order in, and what kind of restaurants did you eat from? Even more, was food in abundance at your home, or were there times when food was scarce?

These are memories deeply ingrained in us, everyone has a story to tell about their favorite childhood food, or a special recipe their family made. These meals are part of us and in it’s own way, the meals we grew up on shaped us and made us who we are today.

Sure, the food we ate then, and eat now, plays a vital role in our physical health and well being. 

But, I think that the food we eat also forms a fundamental part of our personal identity.

This part of our personalities is easily seen in the vegan foodie blogger, or that guy who prides himself on his BBQ mastery, you know the stereotypes.

But it requires taking a closer look at the everyday person to see how their food choices and experiences have shaped them.

Even the act of not consciously thinking about food choices or eating habits is reflective of one’s personality.

But if you are reading this newsletter, I think it is safe to say that you are a conscious consumer of food. And that somewhere along the line in your life there was a reason that you are now choosing to eat local regeneratively farmed food. 

For me personally, that choice came from a long struggle with my health. Conventional foods and medicine failed me time and time again, and I eventually decided to take my health into my own hands.

I did my research (countless hours and hours) and found that among other things eating real, wholesome, natural foods healed me and kept me feeling my personal best.

Sure eating this way healed my body, but what really gave me a greater purpose was learning that eating this way also heals the earth. 

When I made that connection, it fueled me with a greater purpose and formed a part of my identity where I now understand that I am not separate from the earth but part of it.

Healing myself heals the planet, and healing the planet heals myself.

For me these two things are not separate, they are the same. As a mother this gives me an even greater purpose to pass on this understanding to my children. I want to do what I can to leave behind a fertile earth for them, and that they leave behind a fertile earth for those that come after them. 

It is vital that we as a society stop the short sightedness of our actions. Each choice we make affects not only ourselves but also the generations to follow. 

I know that a lot of times people come to the farm to start eating healthy out of a place of fear due to health concerns and illness.

I want you to know that feeling that fear is ok, it was the catalyst for the change that got you here. The fear was needed, but it doesn’t need to stay. 

Having the courage to step out of the mainstream and into purchasing directly from a small farm might make you feel different than most people. It might feel like a big step, or a big investment as the cost of real food is different from what you find in stores. 

But it is by no means a small action.

The choice you are making to leave behind the big shops and stop supporting big agriculture, is a huge step in the right direction towards your own healing and healing of our earth.

The farm thanks you for your support, and we are here to support you with healing nourishing foods.


and the Beiler Family Farm Team

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