10 Pack - Beef Cubes

10 Pack - Beef Cubes

Perfectly pre-cut cubes to make cooking easy-peasy!

Beiler beef cubes are selectively chosen from tougher cuts of meat with plenty of marbling and connective tissue. As the beef cubes stew over a long cooking period this fat and connective tissue slowly melts away, infusing the dish with delicious natural beef flavor and tenderizes the meat to perfection!

Quick tips for beautiful beef stew!

Dredge the beef cubes in seasoned flour and brown them lightly in a small amount of butter or ghee before adding the liquid and other ingredients. This will add flavor to the stew as well as seal in those delicious beef juices. The browned flour also naturally thickens the liquid during cooking resulting in a silky gravy that covers every bite...yum!

Cover the stew ingredients with your chosen cooking liquid. After bringing it all to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, careful not to boil further as this will toughen the meat. 

Keep the heat at a slow simmer to produce the most tender and flavorful beef stew, enjoy!

*1 package - frozen



A bit about our beef:

Beiler Family Farm takes pride in raising our animals naturally and with care. 

This attention to care and detail is reflected in the quality of each cut of our delicious beef. Our cows are 100% grass-fed, soy-free, chemical-free, humanely raised, and free to graze on hundreds of acres of beautiful pasture. 

When you place an order for beef from Beiler Family Farm you can be sure that you will receive all-natural, high-quality meat raised right here, by us, on our family farm! 

From start to finish we see it through each step of the way. Every cut of meat is fully frozen and safely sealed before we deliver it to your door.