1 Pint - Ginger Carrots (Glass)

1 Pint - Ginger Carrots (Glass)

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These carrots are packed with tangy sweet flavor!

Made from carrots grown in our beautiful rich Pensilvania soil.

Our ginger carrots are full of nutrients and bold taste!

Ginger carrots taste great as a condiment added to just about any meal.

Try them mixed into some fresh avocado as a yummy dip for veggies or corn chips.


About our homemade fermented products:

The produce used in all of our fermented foods are grown in the Beiler's home garden. 

They are harvested by hand, processed, and packaged by the Beiler family.

All that home grown goodness is reflected in the quality and taste of these tasty fermented goodies!



Shredded Carrots, Ginger, Whey, Celtic Sea Salt