Our ground beef is a customer favorite!

And for good reason, ground beef is versatile, easy to cook, and economical!

Not to mention it is the main ingredient to family favorites like meatballs, meatloaf, and of course burgers!

Check out our top 10 tips for burger making success!

1. Start with the right meat!

The best meat for burger making needs to have some fat, lean ground beef will result in a dry and tough burger.

Ground beef from Beiler Family Farm is the perfect choice!

2. Don't over work the meat.

The more you handle the meat, the tougher your patty will be. Take it nice and easy!

3. Use wet hand to form your patties.

This will keep your hands from getting sticky and help the patty come together.

4. Put a dimple in the center of your patty.

This trick helps to prevent the burger shrinkage that results in a tiny hockey puck burger. When the burger shrinks during cooking the dimple will naturally help even it out, resulting in a uniform size burger.

5. Keep the patties cold until you are ready to grill.

This helps more fat stay in the meat during the cooking process, and more fat = more flavor!

6. Clean that grill!

A clean grate to cook on is essential to prevent sticking

7. Use a hot grill.

Be sure to let that grill get good and hot before putting on the patties. You want a high heat to cook burgers.

8. Flip the burgers once.

Constant flipping with dry out the meat. Cook for about 3-5 minutes per side.

9. Don't press the burgers while cooking.

When the burger gets pressed onto the grill all that juicy and flavor goes right into the flame and out of your burger. Let your burger keep its juice, its where all the flavor is at!

10. Let you burger rest.

Like all meat, burgers need a rest too. This lets all the juices redistribute and will result in the most delicious taste with every bite!

No all you need to do is invite some friends over, fire up the grill, and show them you know how to make one tasty burger!

*Comes individually vacuum sealed and frozen in 1 lb packages.


A bit about our beef:

Beiler Family Farm takes pride in raising our animals naturally and with care. 

This attention to care and detail is reflected in the quality of each cut of our delicious beef. Our cows are 100% grass-fed and finished, soy-free, chemical-free, humanely raised, and free to graze on hundreds of acres of beautiful pasture. 

When you place an order for beef from Beiler Family Farm you can be sure that you will receive all-natural, high-quality meat raised right here, by us, on our family farm! 

From start to finish we see it through each step of the way. Every cut of meat is fully frozen and safely sealed before we deliver it to your door.