1 Ounce - Ground Oregano

1 Ounce - Ground Oregano

Oregano is a fragrant and savory herb.

It is most well known for its flavor in Italian dishes like pizza and spaghetti sauce.

When cooking with dry oregano give it a little rub between your hand before adding it to the dish. This will help to waken up the oils and bring out the flavor.

Oregano pairs well with other herbs like basil and thyme.

Our oregano comes dried, ground, and ready to use anytime!


About our dry herbs:

All of our herbs are locally grown right here on Beiler Family Farm!

While not "certified organic" you can be sure that all our herbs are grown to organic standards and beyond with the practice of regenerative agriculture.

The farms herbs grow in beautiful fertile Pensilvania soil and are never sprayed or treated with any chemical what so ever. 

Grown just like nature intended, all that natural goodness will be passed along to you in each bite!