8 Ounces - Horseradish (Glass)

8 Ounces - Horseradish (Glass)

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Horseradish is a spicy and tangy topping!

It's a great homemade condiment to have on the ready anytime!

Long lasting and full of flavor, horseradish is delicious topped on steaks or mixed into sauces.

Try it out on your next dish and get creative in the kitchen with locally grown horseradish from Beiler Family Farm!


About our homemade fermented products:

The produce used in all of our fermented foods are grown in the Beiler's home garden. 

They are harvested by hand, processed, and packaged by the Beiler family.

All that home grown goodness is reflected in the quality and taste of these tasty fermented goodies!



Ground Horseradish Root, Water and Organic Vinegar.