1 Bag - Onions

1 Bag - Onions

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These onions were grown right here on Beiler Family Farm!

Onions are a staple in any kitchen. They are at the foundation of many meals.

When you smell that aromatic goodness of onions sizzling in a pan, you know something good is about to be on your plate.

Onions are not only tasty, they are super healthy too!

They are packed with antioxidant, nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C!

Onions also have antibacterial properties which make them a super food for when you are feeling under the weather.

Onions are great, but they are even better when they are regeneratively grown on Beiler Family Farm!

*avg. 2 lbs per bag

About our produce:

While not "certified organic" you can be sure that all our produce is grown to organic standards and beyond with the practice of regenerative agriculture.

The farms produce grows in beautiful fertile Pensilvania soil and is never sprayed or treated with any chemical what so ever. 

Grown just like nature intended, all that natural goodness will be passed along to you in each bite!