You are sure to love this heart!

Pork heart packs some big nutritional benefits!

It is a source rich in B-vitamins, selenium, zinc, and iron. Look at it as any other muscle, just like any other cut of pork, the heart muscle is just more dense and very lean. 

Because pork heart is so lean, is best cooked by searing or braising to about medium-rare.

How to prep pork heart:

  1. Rinse the heart under cold water.
  2. Trim off any membrane and fat from the outside.
  3. Cut the heart down the middle but not all the way through, this is called "butterfly technique," it should lay flat after this.
  4. Cut away any connective tissue and fat from the inside of the heart. This is easy to spot because it should be lighter than the color of the muscle.
  5. The heart is now ready to be seasoned and cooked however you choose!


*Comes frozen and individually vacuum sealed.


A bit about our pork:

Beiler Family Farm takes pride in raising our animals naturally and with care. This attention to care and detail is reflected in the quality of each cut of our delicious pork products. 

Our pigs are born and raised here on the farm. They are fed a non-GMO grain that is sourced from local farmers as well as our own farm-grown hay. 

When you order pork from Beiler Family Farm you can be sure that you will receive all-natural, high-quality meat raised right here, by us, on our family farm! 

From start to finish we see it through each step of the way. 

Every cut of meat is fully frozen and safely sealed before we deliver it to your door.