5.5 Ounces - Maple Candy

5.5 Ounces - Maple Candy

Pure, sweet, melt in your mouth candy using only pure maple syrup!

Our maple candies are made with REAL maple syrup tapped from maple trees right here on Beiler Family Farm.

The maple syrup is heated until it reaches the crystalline stage and then it is poured into maple leaf-shaped molds and allowed to cool. As it cools the candy develops a soft sugary texture and intense maple flavor. 

These handmade maple candies are a very special and all-natural treat!

*About 15 candies, 5.5 oz


About Beiler Family Farm Maple Syrup:

This maple syrup is handcrafted using sap from the maple trees right on the Beiler's family farm! The Beiler’s have been tapping their trees and making maple syrup together as a family for over ten years and have approximately 2,000 taps!

The syrup from Beiler Family Farm will generally be darker and more flavorful than others. This is because it is boiled over open wood-burning evaporators that naturally impart some wood smoke into the syrup, this attributes to the darker color and flavor of their maple syrup.

Beiler maple syrup is dark, full flavor, and 100% natural!



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