What is Beiler Family Farm certified organic for anyway?

July 25, 2021

When we go to the food store many of us scan the packaging for certain labels to let us know important information.

Is the product Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Grass-Fed and so on?

But I would say the most sought after, well known, and trusted label is “USDA Organic.”

You know the label I am talking about, this one:

Why do consumers trust this label so much?

It is as if products branded with this label are above all other products in the grocery store.

Maybe at one point in time that was justified, maybe at one point in time the organic label actually meant the food was grown in a truly organic way.

However, nowadays that’s simply not the case.

Big corporations have gotten into the organic game and have changed the organic certification standards altogether.

Labels can be misleading and confusing, and getting into all the details of the USDA Organic labels and standards will have to wait for another newsletter.

Today I want to take away any confusion about Beiler Family Farm’s organic certifications.

I want to let you know exactly what the farm is certified USDA Organic for, and why.

Beiler Family Farm is certified USDA Organic for:

  • Cows
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Hay
  • And Crop Land

Farmer Jonas chooses to get certified USDA Organic for a reason that might surprise you.

He does it primarily so that he can resell his excess hay to certified organic farms (it gets a much higher price simply by having the label).

He also has his USDA Organic certification because it’s required by the milk coop he sold his milk to in the past.

Farmer Jonas doesn't get certified for the label, or to “green-wash” and upsell his products for more profit.

In fact, he goes above and beyond the USDA organic farming standards whether or not he is certified for it.

For example:

When you get your food from Beiler Family Farm, you can be sure that every product not only meets USDA organic standards but exceeds it!

What I am getting at is, the label isn’t everything. 

The only way to honestly know everything about your food and the standards as to how it was grown is to know your farmer.

The food industry is just that, an industry. If you want real, wholesome, natural food the best place to find that is from your local farmer.

Beiler Family Farm pours their heart, soul, sweat, and tears into the work they do to provide healthy food for not only their family but also for their customers. 

And that is something you will never get from a USDA Organic certification.

Enjoy the food,


And the Beiler Farm Team

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