Curious about the shelf life of your raw dairy products? I am here to guide you!

July 11, 2021

I have been busy putting my kitchen back together after a month long kitchen renovation!

A brand new kitchen is really nice, but the organizing of it...well, it's a lot of work!

We have been sorting through our cabinets and fridge and getting rid of things that are past their expiration date. This process reminded me of a question that customers ask me frequently.

So many customer reach out to me, curious about the shelf life of raw dairy products. 

I know that with raw dairy products it's not so easy to know when the expiration date is.

After all, many raw dairy products don't "go bad" or "spoil" in the same way processed conventional dairy products do. Especially cultured raw dairy like kefir, it will just keep on fermenting and getting stronger instead of spoiling.

Also, it's not like farm fresh raw dairy products have a sell by date or an expiration date conveniently printed on them.

With that said I totally understand when a customer reaches out and asks, "How long will my raw dairy products last?"

Well ask no further, I am here to guide you with:

The Beiler Family Farm Raw Dairy Shelf Life and Storage Guide!

All the info you need to know about the shelf life and storage of your raw dairy products all conveniently in one place, yay!

Print it out and hang it on your fridge so that you always have it handy : )

Enjoy the food,


and the Beiler Farm Team

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